Looking back, it’s hard to believe that during our first date, we talked about adoption.

We believe in a God who adopted US and we can’t wait to bring another child into our home.

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We met in June 2016 and married in May 2017. Every day together is special, especially since becoming parents, through adoption, in 2020.

Camille & Simone on Day One!

About Camille by Bryan

Camille would give up her life for me if I let her. She pushes me to pursue my goals and challenges me in the way that I need. She loves me infinitely more than I deserve.

Camille graduated from the University of Buffalo with a Bachelor of Arts in communications, starting her career working for an ice cream manufacturer. She now works as a Retail Marketing Manager for a computer company. Her work has provided her with the opportunity to travel around the world, but nothing brings her more joy than being a mom and being there for her family.

Daddy’s little girl.

About Bryan by Camille

Bryan is the best part of me. He is kind, gentle, and the only man I know who would do anything and everything for the people he loves.

Bryan graduated from Wake Forest University with a degree in history, and became a high school basketball coach, following in similar footsteps to his father, who coached. This will be Bryan’s 18th year coaching college basketball. He loves sharing his interest in basketball with Simone while also sharing his other interests like music and playing the piano.

meet Simone>

In April 2020, we were matched with Simone’s Birth Mother. We welcomed her via c-section four weeks early. She was born determined and full of personality. She loves swimming and gymnastics. We have a great relationship with her Birth Mother through our private Instagram and monthly text messages.

Bryan and Simone LOVE swimming lessons!

Finally home! We are a family of THREE just eight days after Simone was born, June 2020.

Simone’s First Birthday Princess photo with Mommy.